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Your challenge is to grow your business and manage your firm at the same time.  You need to be organized to make the most of your limited resources, and you also need to be structured to compete effectively to win business. Leveraging staff may not be possible. An outsourced professional, working on a project basis, makes it possible  to implement better ways to grow your business, without disrupting your firm and what it does best.

At L.E.BilletAssociates, LLC (LEBA), our experience comes from 20 years in the investment advisory business.  After working as a consultant advising institutional clients with large investment pools, LEBA was initially formed to work with investment advisors - particularly small, emerging and diverse - across all asset classes, and expanded our business to serve other professional services with similar needs.  Our focus has been on strategic growth initiatives through client management, communications and marketing strategies - drivers of growth for most professional services firms. 

Our client base has included small, emerging, minority and women-owned investment firms.  They may be early stage firms, or those that have plateaued and need to consider  strategies that will improve revenue growth so that it is sustainable and scalable.  This may include establishing firm practices that provide a foundation for expansion. 

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L.E.BilletAssociates (LEBA) specializes in business development through client management strategies: client communications, client service, and marketing strategies. Your clients are the core of your business.  How you interact with them may be the best way to satisfy and retain clients, and the best way to win new business.  We believe that a well-thought-out client management program defines your firm culture. It demonstrates your integrity and value.  It helps to secure your reputation and to establish a sound path toward growth.   

For many firms, client management has evolved without a plan. It’s haphazard, inconsistent, and possibly the source of problems – wrong data, missed deadlines, failure to communicate at critical times. It can be costly.  If you are overwhelmed by your firm’s client management process, you may be missing an opportunity to stabilize, improve and grow your business. 

LEBA develops and implement customized client service and marketing strategies to help grow your business. We work with your existing resources to configure a program that improves client relationships and establishes a process to win new business. We work on a project basis, even serving in an outsourced client service capacity, if that is what you want and need. Whether you’ve outgrown your capabilities, you are dissatisfied with results, you have a small budget, you’re still emerging, or you just don’t know how to do this, we can help you. 

LEBA is based in the New York City metropolitan area, and serves clients nationwide.  LEBA works on a fee-only basis, is entirely independent and has no conflicts of interest. We can serve in a fiduciary capacity. LEBA is not a third party marketer.

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