L.E.BilletAssociates, LLC


Client education improves your value beyond what the client hired you to do.  It strengthens your relationships. You need to find meaningful, impactful ways to expand opportunities for interactions with your clients.

Are there topics you would like your client to understand that education would make possible? 

  • Have you asked your clients what issues are important to them?
  • Can you produce meaningful materials during a crisis and reach your clients in a timely manner?
  • Client education can have additional utility:  it may serve the interests of more than one client; and it may be the basis for marketing materials or a newsletter. 

LEBA has experience developing educational materials for clients to lead them toward change or help them understand a topic better to support a future decision. LEBA works with your firm to identify opportunities to meet with your clients beyond contractual deliverables. We will help your firm develop educational programs for your clients.

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