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Clients expect you to you communicate in predictable ways that satisfy their needs.  A successful communications program helps to affirm your value and reinforce your relationships.   If your firm doesn’t have clear policies about client service and communications, you are exposing the firm to the risk of losing clients. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who in your firm speaks with clients?  Who “owns” the client relationship?  Does everyone do their own thing?  
  • Do you know what is going on with each client relationship?
  • Are you reaching decision-makers and influencers with your deliverables?  
  • How do you ensure consistency of product delivery across your client base?
  • Are you using every opportunity to reach out to your clients and prospects? How are you reaching them, and are you capturing and measuring activity in your CRM?
  • Does your firm have the resource capacity to adequately address client-specific requests, or crisis-based communications? 

​​You are building a brand.  Not only do your clients and prospects continually evaluate your product, they develop an awareness for your brand through the quality of the services you promise, as well as the quality of your interactions with them.  LEBA believes that a firm's brand is elevated by a firm culture that values client service and which develops policies and practices around it.  

  • It helps to set expectations with your clients and with your staff. 
  • It creates regular, predictable actions so that you can manage your firm.
  • It helps to fortify relationships, win new business and grow your firm.

LEBA helps you establish a systematic approach to standard deliverables and communications so that you consistently meet expected norms.  We also work with you to plan for and execute custom communications that meet unique client needs or requests, and those that must address specific events.  

These capabilities  become part of your firm's service model. 

  • You need a communications plan for periodic communications, such as monthly and quarterly reports.  You need to meet the time schedules you established for performance, no excuses.
  • You need to communicate when there is a portfolio event or a market event.  Those are the moments clients want to know you are available and working for them. 
  • You need to be using your website dynamically, not statically.  It can be the central communications mechanism for performance, updates, factsheets, video and content marketing.
  • You need to create content marketing that is meanings to your clients and represents your capabilities, not someone else's.

However, you also need to have the capacity for customization.

  • You need to be flexible about customization for client requests.  It may make the difference in winning or keeping business.
  • You need to take the opportunity to speak with your clients - a communication of any kind presents this opportunity, and it needs to be part of your firm culture.

LEBA specializes in developing client service and communications strategies that improve your firm’s client management standards and practices. They are designed to enhance client relationships.  They become a signature of your firm’s culture.  They make managing your firm easier, and make it possible to absorb growth more readily.

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