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You won’t be able to handle it when it happens if you’re not ready in advance. A crisis is the worst time to figure out your communications strategy with your clients.  In that moment, your success will depend on keeping your clients informed and satisfied, or they will fire you as soon as they can after the threat passes. 

Crisis management is about having consistent client management processes, as a matter of policy, before a crisis arrives, then establishing procedures for when it does. The foundation of effective crisis management is a firm that has developed consistent and effective processes for client management.

  • Normal times are an opportunity to ensure that data is always current and that there is a client communications process in place that will serve you in the most pressing moments.  
  • You need to determine who leads these efforts and that everyone on staff is working within the established processes.
  • Your clients will depend on you to be available, keep them informed, help them understand the event and protect their interests.
  • You need to address all effected clients equally, and be prepared to serve those clients particular needs. 

LEBA has successfully worked with clients through some of the largest and worst financial crises, including the Lehman bankruptcy, the Madoff fraud and 9/11.  In these moments, it is a necessity to increase your firm’s exposure to clients with additional contact, meetings and educational materials. 

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