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A culture of excellence makes it possible to require and inspire your team to participate in that achievement.  You wouldn’t hire someone who can’t do a specific job; why hire people who don’t see client management as part of their job?

Everyone in your firm represents and sells the firm, always, regardless of their position.  It is not someone else’s job.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you certain everyone in your firm understand what you do and how you do it?  
  • Are they able to articulate it and to use the same language and terms across the firm? 
  • Do they understand that everyone is an integral part of the sales process and client management?  
  • Do they understand the communications strategy?  
  • Does everyone feel invested?  

Your firm needs to have internal organization and communications practices that support a culture of client service and excellence.  Senior professionals need to feel empowered to interact independently with clients, but understand the importance of sharing their skills and experience at a firm level. Junior professionals need to feel invested in the skills and expertise of leadership and participate in these processes.

LEBA works with your staff to create effective internal work processes and communications so that everyone feels part of a singular team, responsible for the success of your firm. How you operate internally will impact the strength of your client management program: client service, communications, marketing efforts, crisis management and new business endeavors.  

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