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All your marketing materials should work for you to support your value and your brand.  To do that, you need to have a suite of materials that is current, informational, concise and consistent. It makes client management and new business easier to pursue. 

Marketing Materials

Well-constructed marketing materials ease the communications process.  They should help to open doors, improve the quality of your interactions, and get you to your goal of winning new business.

  • LEBA reviews, revises and develops materials so that they are thorough, easy to read and actionable – they should get you included in a next step with prospects.
  • LEBA has experience writing pitch decks, and revising marketing materials so that they improve the viability of your firm to win new business. 
  • We help to write DDQ’s and RFP’s so that they answer the questions asked, and position your firm to win business.
  • We review performance reports to ensure that they meet industry reporting standards, are benchmarked accurately and present an accurate and honest picture of your firm.
  • If you are a newer firm, we help you present past or short performance history accurately, in accordance with industry standards, so that you can demonstration your capabilities.

Sales Effectiveness

LEBA can help you develop a strategy that fits within your budget, your resources and your culture, to create an effective, multi-channel approach that attracts interest and provides you with opportunities for lead generation and new business.​

  • Website Utility:   Your website should be a dynamic tool to communicate with existing clients and to attract prospects.  It needs to be compelling and to do that, you should be using your website for performance, updates, factsheets, video and content marketing.  it should also an inbound marketing tool.
  • CRM:  Your CRM is a source for capturing clients and leads, as well as a tool for your marketing effort. 
  • Target Markets:  It's a good chance everyone in your space is soliciting the same target group.  You need to improve your penetration rate with strategies and reasons for approaching your targets.
  • Competition and Comparative Advantage:  You need to know about your competition and our comparative advantage to improve the case you make for your own firm.
  • Transparency:  Transparency is essential to winning new business.   Your clients and prospects expect complete transparency.  You need to be prepared to provide it. 
  • Materials:  All materials demonstrate your firm’s soundness and intelligence, product and process, and they must be consistent.  RFP’s, DDQ’s, pitch book and marketing materials should make prospects want to consider your firm for a next step.
  • Conferences:  It is important to know which conferences are important for you to attend in order to elevate your visibility, as well as to budget for them.​
  • Third Party Databases:  Participating in every respected and relevant database is an easy way to be noticed and included.​

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