L.E.BilletAssociates, LLC


It is not just about your product.  Potential clients won’t hire your firm if your business model doesn’t meet the highest industry standards - the risks are too great.

Do clients have confidence to hire your firm?  Performance alone is not why clients hire you.  Clients need to have confidence in every aspect of your business. So what is more important to clients? 

  • They need to have a strong understanding of your investment process.  
  • They need to have confidence in your risk management capabilities.  
  • They need to believe in your team and business structure.

Beyond hiring you as a service provider, clients have to manage fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. Your firm needs to find ways to meet these needs and expectations. You need to make an airtight case for your firm. 


No one knows your product better than you, but you may not be conveying it as effectively as you think.  LEBA evaluates your investment process to determine if it is logical and convincing, not only to the expert, but also to the gatekeeper or the average decision maker. 

  • We review and revise pitch decks and marketing materials so that they make a strong case for hiring your firm.
  • We help you to articulate your strengths and competitive advantages.  
  • If you are a newer firm, we help you present past or short history performance data accurately, in accordance with industry standards, so that you can demonstration your capabilities.
  • It is important to demonstrate that with limited resources, you have a sound and well run organization that meets industry best practices. We work with you to evaluate how best to use your existing staff to maximize effective business management. You are trying to grow your at the same time that you are managing your firm and product. 

LEBA helps you to think about your firm relative to the most demanding institutional standards, regardless of where you are in your firm’s life cycle. Doing everything with an eye to these standards is the most effective approach to sustainability and growth. 

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